Thursday, March 12, 2015


Getting your life together is just a series of choices, collectively they turn the steering wheel of the ships direction and like a needle on a compass you want to have your stuff aligned. They said that you would have to make a change, that making the same mistakes in the same pattern of life over and over would give you the same results so the day finally came when everything was spent. All your resources went dry and you had to create a route out of the nothing... as if flying were the only thing to save you... you gave up so deeply on your previous beliefs that dwelling on the issue wasn't going to give you results so you CHANGED... You reached the end and you were finally desperate and ready to take the leap of faith and maybe it was that you felt you had nothing to lose... This brought you to a creative climax :) or the rising action to such an uphill that you went spiraling down in circles... you weren't getting over that hill with the same little red wagon lol you needed to think of a better idea, meet a group of friends to help you, or maybe just chill on the angle and instead help another..? You did this for years. You stayed at the same inclination on this uphill uncomfortable path and at times would have rather dug a hole through to the other side but that only had you even more lost in the darkness not knowing which way was is up or down... so you waited patiently for years attempting this and attempting that... getting used to the fact that nothing really did the magic you hoped for. Until one day, you turned 31, you looked around and people you wanted to be with you on your birthday weren't there, the life you wished for wasn't yet yours, the whole world seemed disappointing! You had the bed snatched from under you! The reality of everything wasn't going to get the best of you bc you were used to the feeling, you now knew not to expect so much... You realized you needed to focus on the things that were right like the new friend that did show up, the feeling that INSIDE of you... you Just Knew that their was something GRAND... that all your frustration was honest and pure and righteous but that you had to make a CHOICE and that choice was to let all the desires and dreams go and that you were just going to love yourself and make yourself happy by making the right choices for yourself and that you were going to begin to be the leader you needed and expected in another.. The next day you were motivated to do things YOUR WAY and in an awesome cool way,,, your way, your rhythm, nothing bugs you at all, your like a walking Angelina Jolie without all the bullshit ;) You just move fwd, you still talk to yourself, tell yourself to be chill, remind yourself to stay humble, u look in the mirror, you try to look your best, you realize you look better than Angie, WOW, (jk) You know all those little human things... u try to do your best... :) Then MAGICALLY you arrive somewhere different bc you held on for so long that you were given this chance of a lifetime... This right then and there is, Ladies and Gentlemen... THE BEGINNING OF YOUR LIFE.... stay posted... -TAM

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

We pre occupied

All this stuff about happiness! All this SAD stuff scattered everywhere around THAT! Well yea! All in all RELAX! trying to take a chill pill before the actual pill is kinda worth a shot lol. No, I am not Chelsea Handler, not always that kinda shot lol. Omg what an interesting few days, I tell ya. Why does this phone EVEN tell me How to punctuate my words??? I hate that lol... I'm going back 3xs on things that are so minor yet so gona define me LOL... Get over it ppl!!! Let's go!!!! I am here to help actually. I am lol. Let me come back to this... I was trying to look something up on the other computer... Lol no lies... Xoxoxo

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Impeccable Word

I must be impeccable w my word... And I will... From here on out... Watch me... :)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Wow man

I feel drained. Like I'm trying to be happy and therefore I am... Like things are what we make of them... I have been celebrating my birthday by having drinks here and there but that's only bc it really is my birthday and I'm trying not to stress out about it and just be having fun bc I should be, I should be. I also wanted to have a nice day .. I have to come back to this bcnu know a way to save the fucking day night now. -Super Woman...


Pissed at the world again.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Another one..

So silly willy shitty shitty sometimes 
I'm like waving the white flag just now... 
And to think that today was fine and this week was really good and how  much it's like in a few mins that everything can REALLY just go to shit! Lmao! I'm trying to better myself and the world and be real and make everything better honestly::: and then something.. I can't explain it!!!! What issss ittttt???!!!

What is it that destroys us?

What is it that we WANA drop it all?????

What is it that takes us over the edge?

What is our weakness?

Are they all different?

What makes them different?

Why is this happen n

But I like u....

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Letter Tea...

Ok so the list of things for plate... Kind of buffet style but you design your own plate... So an assortment of healthy delicious things that are already prepared.. Simple/Fast.

-Half an avocado in its shell, mashed and tossed w tiny bit rock salt
-tomatoe salad
-seasonal veggie stirfry
-a tofu protein
-raw veggies
-special sauces 
-w cheese
- anything w cheese
-seasonal fruit

Grain Base- yellow, white, quinoa, noodle
Salad Base-spinach,mixed greens, kale
Or Protein Base-chicken, meat balls veggie crumbles, veggie burger, strips, etc.

Add all your sides or create your healthy dish.

Can be to go or sit there and enjoy.

Promoting Teas& Kombucha etc not known for our coffee but we also have coffee, 3 or 4 fresh juices or carrot, apple, lemon, and simple things included in the menu...kale.

Pinchos like 
Tortilla de Patata
And one more quiche type thing.

And a soup of the day (juice of the day) where barely any food gets wasted.

~The bliss is in the teas~

Best tea world for hot and iced teas of many kinds also organized into an encyclopedia of what is wrong with you health wise... Look for your problem and find a natural remedy to heal it that we carry.