Friday, January 29, 2016

A Tribute to Human Error...

As I'm flying over on back to Miami I'm feeling the urge to write. 
"A tribute to human error" 
Was something I heard that jumped out at me the other day. 
We are human and full of flaws, the errors are not bad because we use them to grow and learn from, it's how we pick ourselves back up that matters most. We all have issues but we can't be weak to let things leave a mark on us permanently. The only way to go is forward and that means making amends, communicating clearly with others so that we express the humps and that's what makes relationships stronger. If you think just moving on will be better, I think your mistaken. It's about communication. Not everyone expresses themselves freely like I do. Most people have a hard time doing this and it's their flaw that must be worked on. Because giving up is only for losers. I like to analyze and go deep into matters and human choices. We are all affecting one another and in the end it's the cause for wars and rage and anger and things that never get resolved is pathetic. I rather come to a conclusion. I want to hear what the other side is! We must speak to one another and LISTEN. Then with a clear understanding we must always reach an agreement and taking the time to do so makes a stronger bond and unity, it shows strength of character and a desire to overcome obstacles. I don't like leavin things unfinished. I don't agree with everybody's desicions but that's ok bc to agree to disagree is a sign of knowledge and respect for differences, another way to grow and understand. I'm willing to do that. It's those that can't that I worry about. It's a sign of weakness to depart without trying to come to a proper ending or conclusion and it's immature. I like pushing towards something better, to become greater takes work and to reach a higher self lies there with aknowledgemeant and understanding is where we find PEACE. Not in the letting go of something unfinished, that's ego and wrong bc u think your "better than going there" it's an effort to find resolutions and let the truth come to light and it's one of the things that will cure the problems of today. Take the time and talk to one other... Expressing your feelings will FREE YOU.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Goodie two shoes...

Their are some people that I can't hang out with, maybe we just don't click or maybe your not the vibe I'm
Looking for? Maybe I don't have time to make you see life the way I do and deal with the giving and giving to something which sucks my energy instead of what is magnetically & synchronized. 
I do what I do bc I choose to. You don't need to judge it and u may not understand it but I do things and I win some and I lose some and in the end I gain more from what I do that if I didn't. I am at a place where I appreciate me and I'm the one who really always needed to. As looking for approval from others never covers everyone and you won't be happy. We do things to feel better about ourselves and that has to do with getting closer to your dream and this is your journey nobody else's yet don't interfere w others' instead it's about boosting one another. Goodnight and Goodlife are our friends, let's keep it that way. ;)

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wink or smile it's all worthwhile...

It's a beautiful world...
All the people with their small minds...
Speaking about whatever with all they know
Like Might!
Mighty Mouse in the House!
All the people little people, big people, all types of people with their strange stories...
The stories make them they
The story makes me me
Your story is all U
U beautiful thing U
The world is full of stories and people with them and that's all they know. 
The story makes me me 
That story makes u u
That story makes her SHE 
Change the story 
Change your life
Look at things with different eyes!
Notice that the story doesn't do u justice! 
Notice that your better than it
That u don't need to keep telling the same story
The same story is not a story it's a FIB
the true story is that u have always been cared for. 
That u are LOVED.
That this is all it all is
We will all love u, no matter who it is.

Take this easy, with a grain of Salt

Salty Sea
see the hope...

Your no wonder 
Why we sink
Start to think
Take a BRINK! 


Friday, November 20, 2015

Right on Time...

We Gota make life what we want it to be instead of sitting around complaining about it, we Gota get out there with the right attitude and make some of those dream changes! Motivated to make a new mark everyday is our chance! 
We all should study the stars, find things to knock off your bucket list every week, the world is your playground, the sky is the ever changing backdrop, the animals our friends, the other humans our brothers and sisters! 
Let's help one another, inspire each other, teach, reach out! 
Everyone can use a hug, a thoughtful text, a handwritten card, a bouquet of flowers can brings ten up any room. We can live in abundance if we share it and use our resources properly. Things can be just as we dream them up to be, our days all splendid, relaxing, progressive, and forgiving and all together balanced. Let's massage the message in tenderly when we need to communicate. We are here to change the world and every day is a new chance to start fresh ;) with love I am a believer and with softness and grace we can laugh at the past as we dance ourselves into the night as we connect and grow and shine we together are united, when we are ONE we know we won but only together can we get there bc like a missing puzzle piece we need each other to find peace. Like our finger prints a labyrinth of code. Wishing you a warm welcome, your right where you need to be. Love YOURSELF first then find yourself, we can't wait to see you shine your right on time. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Harmony Eyes

The love is there it's everywhere, woven to infinity and beyond like this whole mind blowing endless vast of  _

We have to treat one another kindly, sincerely, open, and let...

Let the sky sun moon and stars tell remind u that everyday is this mystic blessing... 

The colors in watching a sunrise can cure depression I assure you! 

Listen to the right music and u will flow with loving grace and laughter... Just let go of whatever is holding u back from

Be love be in love with the process, the unraveling of nonsense is actually OK


If we want to be happy we must know that we are our own worst enemy.... And that you will feed it one drop of honey  and from then on... U will be cured.

It's all in your head

Make every step count and forgive yourself and others 
 that will bring u peace 

I'm just trying to harmonize the sounds....

Monday, October 26, 2015

" My latest invention "

Serve as dessert or snack: Cut an Avocado in half... Pit.
1 half Avo Each bowl (2 person meal) 
-Chop half a boil lion cube... Each Avo gets a quarter cube of boullion preferably veggie flavor.
-Drizzle of sesame oil 
-splash of soysauce
-thick balsamic vinegar drizzle
Mostly in the pit! 

On the outsides of bowl add dried mango slices to bounce the sweet/salty yummy and healthy treat ~<3

Spinach fettuccini in a pink sauce

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Hot air balloons in Albuquerque!

These pics are real...